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$ 110 000 000 Worth of BLOK tokens

$ 200k raised so far

Who we ARE

BlockPark is pioneering a new way to derive income from a distributed ledger by implementing a token economy using SECURITY Tokens called, “BLOK” Tokens.

BlockPark's vision is to develop and build thriving communities. Our platform enables this by:

  • Developing Housing Where Housing is Needed
  • Providing Attainable Rents In Areas Where Demand Is High
A Community Driven, Self-Sustaining Investment Platform comprised of multiple real estate developments called, “Block Parks”

BlockPark Token Company (BPT):

Technology Company

  • Issuer of Tokens
  • 35% Equity Interest in BlockPark Holdings

BlockPark Holdings Company (BPH):

Real Estate Holdings Company

  • Develop & Acquire Real Estate
  • Grow the BPT token Economy
Key project

BlockPark DT57 Towers Project


The mixed-use property will house 194 residential units.


A street level grocery store and retail outlets.

Coworking Space

Three commercial floors, 100,000 square feet, of a state of the art tech Coworking Space.


Rooftop bar and restaurant open to the public, owned and operated by DT57.


Yoga, Doctors office, Gym

The DT57 Towers Project have successfully acquired entitlements to develop two fifteen story mixed-use towers in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. The design and architecture were created by LGA Architects and will be built by the award winning, Martin Harris Construction company.

Downtown Las Vegas

1. Government Is Highly Supportive Of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency with the Passing of SB 398
2. Riding New Wave of Tech & Culture Beyond Gaming and Entertainment ‐ Zappos, Downtown Project and Switch
3. Las Vegas is the 3rd Fastest Growing City In The Nation – Forbes
4. Las Vegas Appreciation is expected to be #1 in 2018 ‐ HousingWire
5. Expanded Professional Sports Teams Such as the NFL Raiders and the NHL Golden Knights and Potential For Many More To Come

The long-term vision for BlockPark is to create a shared ledger in which tokens can be used to pay for rent by tenants, liquidated to pay for operations by land lords, and appreciate in value over time as demand for the ledger grows. Should we achieve our goals, new properties otherwise unattractive to invest in, may become more profitable as a result of accepting rent in tokens appreciating in value.

Our tokens will represent interest in both the profitability of a real estate holdings company, along with the total size of the BlockPark transactional economy.

The Key To The Token Economy

Due To A “Finite” # Of Blok Tokens distributed Within A Shared Ledger, The “Value” Of The Tokens Should Increase Based On The Demand We Create

Creating a DEMAND

Block Parks

  • Ground up construction / new developments
  • Purchase of property already operating to be 100% owned by BPH

3rd Party Adoption of Token Economy

  • Use tokens, or capital to entice 3rd party developers and property owners to implement the token economy into our Blockchain ledger


BlockPark will be created on a blockchain ledger that could be shared across various real estate projects. The ledger would enable tenants to pay rent seamlessly via dollar backed tokens. This can benefit tenants by enabling them to pay rent through a fee-less payment gateway, and one that is not any more difficult to use than hooking up an account through more traditional means.

It will benefit real estate owners by automating their accounting processes, increasing transparency of property's cash flow, and potentially increase their rent's-asset value. As the ecosystem utilizing the ledger to make rent payments grows, so too will the demand for the token powering those transactions.

With a fixed supply of tokens, and token to fiat liquidity through the Stellar platform (public exchange), we believe this technology can:
  • 1. Help to improve efficiencies and transparencies involving Real Estate Accounting through blockchain
  • 2. Provide a reliable method to utilize and integrate blockchain technology for Real Estate owners, while...
  • 3. Helping to increase income for property owners should the underlying asset powering the transactional economy grow.


Block Parks

  • 1. Rental income from Block Parks paid in dividends to BPT as a 35% equity stake in BPH.
  • 2. The net proceeds from a sale of property as a 35% equity stake
  • 3. A merger or partnership of BPH equity in exchange for capital as a 35% equity stake

Security Token Itself with The Growth of The Token Economy having a finite supply of BLOK Tokens

  • 1. Block Parks
  • 2. 3rd Party adoption of the BLOK Tokens by outside developers and property owners who will implement the BPT economy onto the Blockchain ledger.
  • 3. The potential value increase of the BLOK Token with the growth of the token economy by outside investor acceptance in the market place.

How it works

BlockPark is created on a ledger that is shared across various real estate projects.
The ledger would enable tenants to pay rent seamlessly through a payment gateway that converts their US dollars to BLOK Tokens

Developing a New Frontier

  • Creating new potential sources of asset appreciation.
  • Provide a reliable method to utilize and integrate blockchain technology for Real Estate owners.
  • Potentially turn an illiquid real estate asset into a liquid asset by tokenizing rent revenue.
Security - Utility Hybrid Token
  • The BLOK Token will be a hybrid security and utility within our ecosystem.
  • Each token provides real use-value by means of powering the platform’s transactional economy, while at the same time, investors can also receive dividends.
  • This means demand for the token can potentially go up in three ways…
    • 1. We develop new properties and have them accept Blok Token as payment for rent, or...
    • 2. Existing properties enable their tenants to use Blok tokens to pay their rent, thus potentially increasing the demand for tokens to pay rent.
    • 3. Profitability of buildings within the BlockPark ledger improves.
  • We plan to develop additional Block Parks in trending urban locations in the United States and around the world.
  • We aim to develop outside partnerships to add to our portfolio of real estate assets and increase the use case of our token economy.
  • Additionally, through development, acquisition, strategic partnerships, and active marketing, we seek to continuously grow the exposure for our brand, and community.

Our aim is to create a new and scalable business model that rewards our investors with the potential upside of a tech stock, acts as a pass through of a REIT, and may provide near term liquidity from our ecosystem built entirely on blockchain.


May–June 2018

Establish Block Park Token Co & Block Park Holdings Co

Oct.–Oct. 2019

Token Holding Period
Develop blockchain and UI for BPT & BPH
Pre-construction / Contruction for the DT57 Towers Project

July–Sep. 2018

Presale & Token Sale

Nov. 2019 – 2021

Complete Construction of the DT57 Towers, Token migration to Blockchain Ledger, Develop Trading Market, Grow Token Economy

Blockchain usage

Stellar blockchain

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Please find more information on BlockPark’s business plan, token economy, technology blueprint, etc. in the below documents.

Meet the team

BlockPark is led and advised by a seasoned team of technologists, real estate professionals, and industry investors. Our founding directors have over 15 years of experience in financial services, investments, banking, engineering and strategic advisory.

Daniel Riceberg
CEO / Chief Executive Officer
Bobir Akilkhanov
CTO / Chief Technology Officer
Ronen Sartena
CBDO / Chief Business Development Officer
Nick Papirniy
Blockchain Developer

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