A Fully Transparent Real Estate-NFT Trading Platform

The BlockPark ecosystem is designed to build wealth for our community in today’s real estate market through NFT ownership backed by real properties.

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Our missions is to bring accessibility, transparency, and liquidity, to the global real estate market via an NFT marketplace that gives Users ownership to property and passive income secured by real world assets.

News from BlockPark University

At BlockPark let's see what’s been done so far and what’s to come.

Jan 29, 2022

BlockPark - Revolutionizing Commercial Real Estate Investing Before it Goes Stale

Jan 2, 2022

The Importance of Decentralized Property Management Governance

Oct 10, 2021

BlockPark Choose Hyperledger Fabric for its Blockchain Implementation

Private Token Distribution Benefits

The BlockPark Token private sale round is the builder's round and participating members will join the Builder's club at BlockPark. Here are the particulars of the private sale round including the Bonus structure, Tokenomics and Use of Funds.

Buy fractional NFTs at a discount price.

Blockpark pool allows $PROP Token Holders to buy fractional NFT at a discount price. Investors may join our discount pools by signing a smart contract to enter one of 3 pools. Each pool offers a different level of credit depending on the duration of the contract.

**Stakers also benefit of staking reward based on how long time they stake their token.

Base Pool

12% discount on actual market valuation for immediate liquidation of assets

Specifically for real estate holding company

Up to 60%

Instant Liquidty+ Discount 

Silver Pool

Up to 3% credit on NFT purchases
2 transactions maximum

Cash back for tenants, No time limit

Up to 60%

Staking Only

Gold Pool

Up to 5% credit on NFT purchases
5 transactions maximum

5% of the asset price is staked > 45 days

Up to 60%

Staking + Discount

Platinum Pool

Up to 10% credit on NFT purchases
10 transactions maximum

10% of the asset price is staked > 90 days

Up to 60%

Staking + Discount

BlockPark's Private Sale Tokenomics

BLOCKPARK tokens are BEP20 utility tokens on the Binance Smart Chain and will serve as a placeholder for the PROP token which will be the native token to the BlockPark ecosystem.

How we are growing the BlockPark community to ensure a successful IDO launch

BlockPark Technologies is pursuing an aggressive marketing strategy targeting like minded users who can support the blockPark ecosystem. The community users have expressed a vast interest in earning passive income secured by real world, tangible assets.

Largest RE-NFT

Trading Platform

BlockPark intends on becoming the largest RE-NFT trading platform in the world by giving global access across multiple RE assets where Users can, buy, sell, and trade real estate NFTs like trading cards.

The proprietary algorithm determines the value of the NFT based on revenue the asset is generating and the cap rate in each specific location

NFT Owners can liquidate an NFT immediately for a 10% discount using PROP tokens

NFT Owners can also list their NFTs for any price they choose. They can accept ETH, or other assets, and also PROP token for a 10% discount.


All your questions about the BlockPark Token answered.

What can I do with my PROP tokens?

PROP tokens are mainly used to give token holders a discount on NFTs backed by real estate on the BlockPark secondary market listing and trading platform. Depending how long you stake the token determines the amount of the discount given. Other use-cases include token rewards to participants within the BlockPark ecosystem such as tenants for paying rent on time to optimize asset performance and maximize investor returns. Tenants can use the token the following month for a discount on rent. Other use cases include access to community events and discounts at participating businesses.

Where can I buy PROP tokens?

PROP tokens will be sold in a private sale through our launchpad partners and the made available to the public. You can join our Discord and Telegram channels to keep up to date information on future token sales both private and public.

What type of tokens are PROP tokens?

PROP tokens will be sold in a private sale through our launchpad partners and the made available to the public. You can join our Discord and Telegram channels to keep up to date information on future token sales both private and public.

Is there a fixed supply of PROP tokens?

Yes, there is a fixed supply of 10,000,000,000 PROP tokens that will fuel the BlockPark ecosystem offering rewards to users and NFT discounts in our secondary marketplace. Our tokenomics model can be seen above.

Are PROP tokens used to buy NFTs when a property is initially listed in the Minting Factory?

No, properties are initially purchased with USDC before they can be minted into NFTs and relisted on our platform

What do I get if I invest initially on a property listed in the Minting Factory?

Investors receive an NFT that represents fractional ownership of an LLC that is secured by the property it represents. NFTs are minted in multiples of $100 each totalling the face value of the property. If someone invests $1,000 on a property, the investor will receive 10 NFTs worth $100 each at time of purchase.

How long after I purchase an NFT of a property before I can flip it in the secondary market?

A NFT holder can immediately re-list or flip their NFT in the secondary marketplace.

Can I sell my NFT immediately or do I have to list it and wait for someone to buy it?

BlockPark provides instant liquidity for NFT sellers for a discounted price, but a seller can also list their NFT for any price they want?

What types of payment can I accept for my NFT in the secondary market?

NFT sellers can choose between PROP token, ETH, BNB, and USDC. The buyer will make an offer on your listing choosing the preferred method of payment. It is up to the seller to accept, counter offer, or decline the offer.

What do I get for owning an NFT backed by a specific property?

NFT owners receive a dividend of the specific property they own equal to the net revenue the property produces in PROP tokens.

How much is the dividend I receive by owning an NFT backed by a specific property?

All dividends are paid pro-rata specific to the investment made. (i.e. If a property is making a 7% APY an investor will receive 7% APY on their investment)

How often do I receive the dividend?

Dividends are paid out weekly and equal to the monthly net revenue divided by the weeks of the month.

Who manages the properties?

Each property will be managed by a 3rd party and tracked using the BlockPark platform which is built to be fully transparent to NFT holders.

What is the point of seeing how the properties are being managed?

We at BlockPark believe property management is the core root of what makes an investment property successful. The BP platform is built on the Hyperledger blockchain which gives NFT holders private access to view their portfolio. All transactions are verified, immutable, and secured.

Will I have a say in how the property operates?

Yes, every NFT owner is part of a DAO that manages that specific property. Management decisions are made with 51% of the vote.

Do investors who own multiple NFTs on a specific property have more voting rights than someone with fewer NFTs on that property?

No, whether you own 1 NFT secured by a specific property or 1000 NFTs, every owner is entitled to 1 vote to keep things fair for the community.

Why this token supply?

we have a 10b fixed supply /57% of token for the community/ our ecosystem has an increased token demand

How your token is used?

Our token makes real estate ownership liquid. The token is used as payout dividends rewards and as credit to purchase NFT + staking yields

How does the value of the token grow?

The more properties we onboard the more use-cases we bring to our token economy which will increase the value. First year we acquire 5 properties and 20 properties the following year. We also expect to have more value with our secondary market and the fractionalization of this assets.