As the global field of real estate services expands and competitive pressure grows by the day, realty property management approaches must progress and develop accordingly. Centralized management methods become stale, posing financial flow issues, overblown fees, poor transparency of processes, problematic access to funds, and misaligned incentives. All of those challenges hinder smooth, widespread adoption of realty investment funds and significantly cut total returns for investors.

BlockPark is the decentralized real estate property management and investment platform designed to tackle exactly the above challenges and more. This is achieved through boosted transparency of underlying processes and smart alignment of every realty management component’s interests, including property owners, tenants, and realty assets. Tokenized investment processes, clearly defined risk tolerance, and simple ROI management focused on the generation of shared value bring outstanding performance optimization results both in the private and public real estate sector.


What’s BlockPark All About?

BlockPark was created to accommodate the needs of private real estate investors who would like to keep their activities risk-free, gain the highest return on investment, and indulge in numerous other benefits of the platform-wide token economy (like firmly protected transactions, tokenized awards, etc.). At the same time, tenants receive vested interest in the rented property, which stimulates both their overall performance and financial outcomes that are beneficial to tenants and community stakeholders.

The underlying mechanisms of the platform combined with the ultimate goal of generating the highest returns for investors brings a number of other essential benefits to the table.


BlockPark is built on the permission-based blockchain technology – Hyperledger. At the core, it is a trustless network meant to grant full investment transparency and thorough verification of all platform-wide transactions. This allows for the next level of financial security and firm protection of all processes and assets existing in the platform’s infrastructure.


All property investment and management parties get the same level of realty portfolio information that only property managers normally get. This way, investors can see clearly what they are putting their costs into, avoiding hidden costs, potential scams, and a ton of other risks of all sorts.

Democratized access

Streamlined access to realty assets is enabled with the help of an authentic coin offering on the platform – thus, investors are not obliged to have accreditation in order to participate in assets management and investment while the investment amount requirements are minimized.

Financial liquidity

Investors and stakers get the much sought-after freedom of entering and exiting investment initiatives on command. This is due to the ability to freely withdraw or sell tokens on the exchange at any time.

Optimized fees

Transparent, conservative fees lying at the core of the platform stimulate long-term value generation among all community participants. As the platform’s monetization income focus is shifted from fees and commissions to software licensing, we are able to grant the ultimately inviting conditions for all platform users.

Reimagining Realty Management

BlockPark offers a democratic and sustainable real estate investment and management conditions for streamlined mutual long-term value creation. Everybody benefits from this model while the dedicated community gets a chance to join forces and contribute to the property management efficiency on a global scale. So stay in tune with the BlockPark updates and keep in line with the times!