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User Roles in BlockPark

Can I give access to silent partners?

Yes, an account admin can give access to unlimited users depending on your subscription plan.

Can I customize user roles?

Yes, customizing user access and the roles you want them to have is as easy as a drop down menu and simply checking the boxes of access levels you would like the user to have.

Can I assign a property manager to multiple properties?

Yes, an admin can simply assign as many properties as they want to any property manager user.

BlockPark Reports

Are report dates customizable?

Yes, date ranges can be input manually simply by clicking on the calendar and selecting the dates you want.  

When are the reports updated?

All reports are updated in real time as they happen.

Is there a search feature to lookup a specific transaction?

Yes, the search feature can find a transaction under unit, tenant, or property.

Can I download reports in a CSV file?

Every report can be downloaded as a PDF or an excel file.

Is property information automatically updated by county records?

Not at this time, but BlockPark expects to have this feature in a later version of the BPT software.

Are property reports saved with the property once that property is sold?

Yes, however the new owner would need to use BlockPark software to access it.

Are maintenance requests added to property reports?

Yes, all maintenance requests are recorded on the blockchain and included in the unit history report.

BlockPark Community

Is the community page open to all the properties that use the software?

Each community is specific to that property. 

Are the community message boards open to the public?

No. The community messaging system is a private network for people who are actually part of the community, such as other tenants, managers, and businesses all who have BlockPark accounts.   

Does each tenant get their own user profile?

Yes. Every user of the BPT system gets their own user profile and can customize it to their liking.

How secure are the user profiles and messages?

Every user account, post, and message is recorded on blockchain. A decentralized network enabling confidentiality through “public key infrastructure” that protects against malicious attempts to alter data, and by maintaining the size of a ledger. 

Do you have to login to your account to receive messages?

No, notifications can be sent to your email, or text in real time and can be customized by the user.

Can payment for goods and services be done over the network?

Yes, each user can use the BPT payment services already implemented in their account to make payments to other tenants.

Are the message boards overseen by management?

Yes, management can remove any messages or posts they feel are inappropriate.

Token Economy

Do tenants pay rent in tokens?

No. Tenants pay landlords directly through ACH transfers.

How do tenants receive BLOK tokens?

Tenants receive BLOK tokens automatically when timely payments are made to the landlord and for posting in the community.

How do owners get BLOK tokens?

Owners receive a percentage of tokens in exchange for using the software. The token percentage is based on the BlockPark subscription they choose.

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