How BlockPark is Different

Making smarter real estate decisions with BlockPark

Trusted Financials with Hyperledger Technology

Validated automated accounting you can trust, made easy. Blockchain based record management system.

Cheaper transaction fees will increase owner revenue

Tenants pay landlords directly with no middleman and in real time resulting in cost savings

Community Powered with Token Economy

Aligning the interest of owners and tenants to be more engaged in their community creating a stronger economic output for all involved.

Property Management With Ease

Management and operation of your properties by all members of your team is super easy with detailed analytics.

Intelligent Reporting & Analytics

Intelligent property reporting that keeps all historic records stored on the hyperledger blockchain which can never be tampered with or deleted. Useful data vital to property owners such as:

  • Title reports history
  • History of ownership, 
  • History of tenants, 
  • Unit history, 
  • Rent history
  • Work order history
  • Inspection reports, 
  • Permits, 
  • Violations, 
  • and anything else is recorded and stored forever.

All BlockPark reports implemented on hyperledger are 100% verified, secured, and transparent. A property owner can customize each report ( pick and choose) what can be made accessible to real estate professionals, such as prospective buyers, lenders, accountants, attorneys, or anyone the property owner would like to prove verified property data to.

  • A comprehensive dashboard showing a complete property portfolio overview made simple
  • Easily analyze property data reports and discover strengths and weakness
  • Verified property data that owners, brokers, investors, lenders, and any real estate professional can trust
  • Customize property data reports to give third party access
  • All property data is secured, transparent, recorded in real-time, and available 24/7 for property owners on any smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Makes it simple to prove a property portfolio(s) true evaluation

Galvanizing Community

A new type of property management company built to inspire community growth and home appreciation through connections. BlockPark Technologies is more than just a property management company, we are designed to align the interests of owners, tenants, and businesses to spark economic growth.

  • Advanced decentralized community messaging application – DAPP
  • Building community stream/message board for tenants to engage and socialize 
  • Tenant and owner marketplace
  • Community message boards for outside business to post events, deals, and promotions happening in the community
  • Tenant and owner notification system that can be customizable to each individual using the system that can be setup on any smartphone, tablet, or computer.    
  • Building communities around its residents
  • Planned neighborhood activities, meetup groups, events
  • Neighborhood outreach
  • Fundraisers for residents, helping others with their project and growth to create productivity in the community via our community platform

Note: The above image is based on Projected BLOK token value

Token Economy

BlockPark’s sister company, BlockPark Holdings, LLC. will be the token issuer and responsible for implementing the token economy in each BlockPark ecosystem.

The token economy is designed to empower owners, tenants, and businesses to earn rewards using our token platform. The use-case incentivises all its users to engage in their community and produce a stronger economic output.

  • Owners – Receive tokens for using the property management software and can use tokens for discounts on software subscription services.
  • Tenants – Receive tokens for timely rent payments and community engagement by posting on the BlockPark Messaging boards and marketplace. Tokens can be used for rent credits and discounts for any participating users in the token economy. (i.e. other tenants services and goods, participating businesses, online retailers
  • Businesses – Purchase tokens for advertising on the BlockPark message boards and can receive tokens for discounts on services or goods they offer. Businesses can then use the same tokens to re-invest in more advertising on the BlockPark community message boards.

Note: The above image is based on Projected BLOK token value

The token economy will reward a small grant of BLOK Tokens to all users participating in the BP token economy to incentivise community engagement. ( which has never been done before and promotes the overall use-case of the BLOK token ).

The surrounding business community organizers ( example any brick and mortar, online retailer, and local pizza shop nearby) can purchase BLOK tokens in exchange for ad space on the BP community message boards. Due to a high level of community engagement via our rewards program, more businesses will be incentivised to purchase ads within the BP ecosystem that will generate additional BP revenue.

Token Benefits

  • Incentivizing Tenant rewards for paying rent on time 
  • Grow community engagement
  • Discount rewards for Property owner on subscription fees
  • Discounted rewards for tenants with participating businesses
  • Discounted rewards for businesses purchasing ad space on the BP platform 
  • Encourages tenants to move into the building with a token economy that rewards them for being there
  •  Incentivises owners to well maintain the building by encouraging the neighborhood to take interest in their tenants and their objectives 
  • Increases the overall value of the property by aligning the interests of owners, tenants, and businesses in the community.
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