A trustless network between investors, owners and property managers

BlockPark is using the latest blockchain technology to make property management transparent to its owners/investors and enhancing the overall user experience for all who use the platform.

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Technology enabled trust and security

A suite of products to enhance your property management experience

BlockPark uses cutting edge technology to create a visual dashboard to keep our users informed in real time. The property management features includes an occupancy report, rent roll and expense reports, and the financial features includes performance indicators such as P&L statements and property portfolio analytics.

Corporate Structure and Permission Based Access

BlockPark brings a revolutionary property management system of any size business no matter how big or small your portfolio is with the ability to assign unlimited investor accounts.

The BP platform allows owners to delegate permission based access while maintaining 100% visibility providing better transparency and oversight between owners, parent companies, sub companies, managers, and property managers using the Hyperledger blockchain. A decentralized ledger ensures delegation of power and authority to remote level administration without the ability to manipulate it.

We bring together everything that’s required to operate, analyze and grow your property portfolio seamlessly.

BlockPark’s record keeping (Validated Ledger) is recorded and analyzed in real time as expenses are added and payments are made. In-depth analytics such as tenant history, unit history, and building history are just a few examples of how BlockPark takes property analytics to a whole new level.

History for any property or a particular part of a property can be presented in line item format and chart format to give conclusive analysis as to how your property is performing over time and help you make informed decisions moving forward to maximize your profits.


All BlockPark’s proprietary reports are transparent to owners, secured from theft, and validated on blockchain. Reports such as rent roll, profit and loss, and occupancy give a better insight into your property’s performance and will help to stabilize your real estate investments and increase value.

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BlockPark is focused on growing the communities we are invested in by creating a community platform that aligns the interests of owners and tenants. BlockPark’s engagement platform is designed to help and support tenant needs which result in lower tenant turnover and better tenant satisfaction.

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Token Economy (Projected)

BlockPark implements the token economy built by BlockPark Holdings. BlockPark Holdings will be the first of its kind to implement a rewards program to both owners and tenants for engaging in their community inside the BlockPark property management ecosystem.

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BlockPark is built upon trusted entereprise grade systems

Blockchain technology is already radically transforming industry operating models. When considering and evaluating blockchain platforms for our business use case, we went through a rigorous process and choose an enterprise blockchain framework that works best with our needs.

BLOK Token is powered by ERC-2o Token, which has emerged as the technical standard used for all smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for token implementation.

Why do you need BlockPark?

Making smarter real estate decisions with increased customer satisfaction, automated financials, and detailed insights.

Trusted Financials with Hyperledger Technology

Validated automated accounting you can trust, made easy. Blockchain based record management system.

Cheaper transaction fees will increase owner revenue

Tenants pay landlords directly with no middleman and in real time resulting in cost savings

Community Powered with Token Economy

Aligning the interest of owners and tenants to be more engaged in their community creating a stronger economic output for all involved.

Property Management With Ease

Management and operation of your properties by all members of your team is super easy with detailed analytics.

Experience + Technology

Decades of property management experience
with the latest in technology

BlockPark becomes an integral part of your property management experience regardless of investment size or number of units and helps realize your true income potential.

The convergence of technology and real estate has finally come to fruition creating a win-win for owners, tenants, and even neighborhood businesses alike. With all sides incentivized to help the whole, the result will be a stronger relationship and a better performing asset.


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